Here we are in Paris my dear friends.

And I am happy that you are here with me.

What a magical city and surely one of my favorites. Days filled with playing dress up and nights diving into french delicacies and Whiskey Sours. I arrived on Wednesday and immediately was met with Spring and sunshine. Who’s prettier than Paris in Spring?

So grateful to be modeling once again in the City of Light with the amazing team from Co-Lab. Fresh off 11 full days with the team in NYC - a few days of rest - and voila here we are.

Straight from Charles De Gaulle to the hotel in Palais Royale. I check into my room, threw wide open the balcony doors letting the fresh air and beautiful light stream right in. Settling into my bed and watching English telly with French subtitles. Yes, life you are good. And thanks.

Ciao! Joycey!