Il Signore è il mio pastore e nulla mi manca.

Salmi 23:1

The Lord is My Shepard. I miss nothing. 

Psalm 23:1  

Dear Sunday, you are fast becoming my very best friend. For its today where burying my head back under the covers and wiggling my toes back into place are welcome. There is nothing that must be done. There is no one that I have to see. There is no plan that needs to be made.  There is nothing that I am missing out on. There is nothing that calling me to "work harder" .There is just me. With Sunday.  And her allowing me the joy to  just breathe.  


I jog for a half an hour several times a week. On Sundays I walk. I hear those birds that sing daily but this time they are not drowned out by music. What a beautiful moment to see the sun seeping through the trees! 


Barista: "Venti Vanilla Bean Frappaccino with almond milk?" "Yes please". Barista: "With whipped cream?" "Yes please!"


Maybe it wasn't a good idea that I discovered that Auntie Annie not too far from my home? Idontknow but it sure does feel good. Sundays you can find me making the walk there and back with this classic pretzel. At least I walked there... right? 


I am such a snacker. And being in bed with a Amazon flick or catching up on fellow Youtubers popping these babies into my mouth .. pretty much a perfect afternoon.

I hope you all are having a Sunday kinda love!

Speak soon!