Summer Skin with Sabon

Hey My Babes!

Sure have missed you all. Hope you have been spending time with me on Instagram @joyceamartin. Crazy last few months travelling for work to Paris and Milan and enjoying my birthday in Florence .... but here we are now !  

What a better way to start again with you then with the spirit of celebration ! Its Spring here in NYC and its time to enjoy new begininngs. Shedding off winter dryness has been on my mind and I came across this fabolous Sabon Body Scrub in Vanilla Coconut. It's an extra step in my morning and bedtime routine but I can't imagine living life moving forward without it!

The smell is sweet and invigoragting. The mix of the vanilla and coconut is enjoyable but not overpowering. I am not one for traditional super girly or sweet smells so this scent is right up my alley. 

Very rarely do you have skin products that give you instant results. But Sabon does! I lightly applied the scrub to my whole body, increasing pressure around the bottom of my feet and and then rinsed off. Voila! My skin felt brand new ... happy baby brand new ! Super soft! And super hydrated ! I Okay so the instructions said twice a week but oh when something is so good I just cant get enough. If you have a Sabon store near you defintely check it or you can head online to . As for me, you will find me and Sabon  happy as can be in a bath tonight!

Enjoy !