Hey My Babes !

I just remembered I have a Blog Bookclub.  I know I know ... "Some days I amaze myself. Other days I'm looking for phone while I'm talking on it." Uh-huh so me! Here are a list of books I am reading or read within the last month. What are you reading? 



This is what I am reading right now! I am enjoying it. It's a nice How To book. Apparently cleaning up your home = cleaning up your life. And Yas! Baby 100% Yas to this right now.


I love Thich Nhat Hanh. I often listen to his meditations and teachings through Youtube. I find his energy very inspiring. His connection between Buddahism and Chrisitianity is a good read for anyone looking to delve more into spiritaulity or just looking for ways to live life more peacfeully. I will re-read this one at the right time. 

My friend Pascale from Paris recommended this to me. And I now recommend it to you. What it means to be a woman. Fabolous. Ever changing. Ever fun. What I learned from this is we are all learning together. It's life! Everything will work out for our good so we might as well enjoy the ride together.