January's Book: Year of Yes. Shonda Rhimes.

Everything sounds like crap until you are in the right mind-set. Ms. Rhimes. 

In a small bookstore in Geneva International Airport in search of a companion for the flight back home I came across this. Year of Yes. It was about 2 weeks into 2017 and I had an itch for consistency. Consistency in thought. I remember when I was moaning and groaning to a friend in London several years ago about how my life wasn't where I wanted it to be and blaming everyone and everything under the sun, he turned toward me shrugged and said "I think it's the way you think". That's it. No tissue. No shoulder to lean on. Not even an offer for a nice bottle of wine. Just these words. These words floated right in and then right out of my eardrums. I chose not to plant it at the time - but its pollen has been circulating all around me ever since. Just as Shonda's sister's "You never say Yes to anything" propelled her into her Year of Yes. My friend's words led me to want to discover healthy thinking. Understand it. Then to Use it. And own it. Own it each and every single day. It's funny when you ask the world for something, even in the smallest of whispers, the wheel's start rolling into motion. Motion that often feels an awful lot like motion sickness. Uncomfortable. Sticky. Deafening Motion. It is easy just to step out of the car, right? Step out and stand still. But seeing that car cruising into the distance without me .. nope that doesn't fit me. So thank You Shonda for sharing your cruising. For sharing that living life means embracing it. And for making me laugh along the whole way. I mean laugh out loud hand over mouth eye squinting funny. 

So yeah. This book review doesn't talk much about the book. But isn't that what a great book does? Make it about you and me? So yeah, its a really good one. If you read it let me know.

See you soon with February's book My babes.

And here's to growing. Growing in the right direction.