Happy Friday My Babes!

Fashion Month has officially begun! Being a New Yorker and a model in the midst of this fabulous madness is fun. My favorite part of Fashion Month is definitely the street style. While it's exciting to see what will be in stores and on you and me next Spring, I have just as much fun watching everyone running around in some of the best outfit of the days. What I love so much is how girls and boys put their looks together! No one is the same and everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way. What a fantastic message to spread - whatever you do "Be You". So in the spirit of street style photography, I have thrown together a fun lookbook of the look I was running around in today. This skirt is actually a dress from Tracy Reese, that I thought is so pretty but I wanna rough it up a bit. So I threw on a studded brown belt and made it into a skirt. To add more fun to the look I threw on one of my all time favorite Zara leather jackets. Today I turned it into a top and peeking through, for a touch of color, I added my coral green bra. Why not? Very baby Madonna. Happy scrolling! 

Big Kiss + Hugs to You My Friends!


2016-09-09 05.36.23 1.jpg
2016-09-09 05.35.56 1.jpg
2016-09-09 05.36.07 1.jpg
2016-09-09 05.37.02 1.jpg
2016-09-09 05.38.20 1.jpg
2016-09-09 05.38.47 1.jpg
2016-09-09 06.02.30 1.jpg