Before I even tuck into breakfast, I am already thinking of where I will be for lunch. Yesss my tummy is a bottomless pit! So I love eating my ways through new cities. Here are 3 places that I found myself happy in + 1 great place to grab a drink + 1 honary mention. I am a foodie ... it's so hard to choose just three. 


Whether it's the New Yorker in me , I just don't know but Whole Foods just gets me. I love the simplicity of it all - eat well! The Whole Foods in Venice had everything. I got my candles from there, wine, Chilean Sea Bass for that night I wanted to make dinner. Donuts...

How yum is this Vegan Blueberry donut. I remember laughing so hard at the bakery aisle, every thing was pretty much vegan / gluten-free / sugar-free / fun free .. ha ha I am kidding. But it's hard not to choose healthy at Whole Foods. I loved this fresh passion fruit smoothie I had one morning as well. It is nice to travel and wine and dine but there is something nice about coming home to a home cooked meal. 

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I really like the vibe at Deus. It's young and cool. Perfect place to grab a coffee, a green juice from JUICE SERVED HERE, or a pastry. I think it is a great place for an afternoon nibble. It's also really good for getting work done on your laptop surrounded by cool kids creating cool stuff.

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How super chic are these helmets? I am not a motorcyle chic but I could see me rocking this on a bicycle one day. Hold up I am not a bicycle chic either so I can see me rocking this with a cool pair of denim high waisted jeans. 😜

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Both hands raised high for PONO BURGER. Happened to stumble onto this gem on the way to the beach. What caught my eyes were these delicious burgers being served in this lovely outdoors area. So happy I stopped by. I had the turkey burger + fries + a really nice glass of wine.


This is my second time in L.A. and I made sure I made it back to BLUE TACO. This passion fruit margarita made me a happy girl. The lovely folks behind the bar are also fun to be around. I have also been here for lunch and can vouch for their super yummy salads. If you are in Santa Monica and by the beach and you want to have a yummy lunch and a good drink head here!


I love pizza. If you love pizza too then Gjelina is definitely worth the trip. I would recommend trying to book a table early in advance. Or grab a spot on the waiting list -later dinner times are usually booked quickly- because chances are you might get a call saying they are able to accomadate you. That's what happened to me. It's always a cool crowd as well so have FUN.