I am so excited, my friends for this post, because I am so in love with this wonderful cabana Amor Zen that I am staying at here in Tulum! It is such a beautiful gem and I am so happy to be sharing my home for these ten magical days with you. So here we go!

Tulum Playa, Quintana Roo, Mexico

What I love about traveling is getting to experience the life, the food, the energy, the people in the most organic way possible. Especially in a place like Tulum where everywhere you turn you are amazed by the beauty of nature. It seems natural to want to stay in a place that fits with the environment. Amor Zen does that and more. It is a beautiful and rustic private two story eco-friendly cabana situated off the main road in Tulum with a patio that leads straight to the beach. 

You enter Amor Zen, which consists of two private cabanas and several private beach lounging areas on the property, through an unmarked gated wooden door off the main road in Tulum down a winding, peaceful palm tree lined path. The path is gently surrounded by Mexican statues, a Buddha, and sea shells that softly work into environment. And we are staying in the cabana that is situated right in front of the beach. How lovely are the star and moon details on the door? Nothing in the air in Amor Zen feels rushed or anxious and that's what makes this place perfect for holiday.

A lot of the resorts at Tulum have shared beach areas which is fun. But there is something very appealing to waking up and having a part of the beach all to yourself. It is a luxury. You can lounge, read, sunbathe in what feels like your very own home. I like traveling this way. 

The moment I stepped into the cabana I was at ease. I love that everything felt as if it was built right from nature. Rooted and built up right from the soil and the trees. It is rather magical. Amor Zen is a wonderful mix of a rustic , eco-friendly cabana and modernity. Contemporary art works and pieces blend beautifully throughout the home. I love the ornate mirror above the sink. The wooden tree trunk shower is such a lovely surprise. It's lovely feeling, like you are staying in a home with little disturbance to the beautiful nature surrounding it.

2016-08-03 03.37.21 1_resized.jpg

I love this contemporay artwork depicting a beautiful, captivating Mexican woman next to a beautiful piece of lilac coral and some ancient Mexican face carvings. It is fun!

Past the entryway is a lovely wooden book shelf with a sweet mix of books. Here's where I picked up Daneielle Steel's "Legacy"! It is nice to be open to new things - I hardly read fiction but I'm on holiday so why not? I am almost done. I have spent many hours during the day reading on our personal terrace. There is also a beautiful desk and sitting area that I realize now I forgot to snap. But luckily, I will have it up on my YouTube channel House Tour blog of the cabana. These pictures are gorgeous but it is even more fun to see it live. I will have that up by tomorrow and link it here. UPDATE:

There is a comfortable day bed as well. I think the artwork above the bed is quite nice as well. I loved that the artwork in the house depicts strong, mystical women. A nice touch! 

There is so much space at Amor Zen! And it is such a clean and neat cabana. This lovely table is in the sitting area on the first floor. This cabana can comfortably fit a party of four. I like traveling and not living in a traditional hotel. There is something cool about being able to find roots in a new environment and feel completely at home. There is something cool to see how adaptable you can be. I like that. Amor Zen is truly an experience. 

Okay let's head upstairs. I loved this piece of coral serving as a backdrop by the staircase. What a lovely mix of grace found in the intricate and delicate piece of coral against the boldness of this interesting steel mirror.

How beautiful is this staircase? Built out of a tree trunk. It's built like the shower. It is so beautiful and bold and organic. I really appreciate it. 

This lovely collection of sea shells as a display is refreshingly light. Another lovely way to balance the outdoors and indoors with ease throughout the design of this cabana. 

The winding staircase leads to the bedroom. It's a beautiful place to dream. 

2016-08-03 03.34.35 1_resized.jpg

The bed is simple and bright. It is surrounded by two windows that give the most amazing views of the sunrise and the ocean each morning.

2016-08-03 03.34.03 1_resized.jpg

Here is view from the bedroom from the downstairs living space. Okay time to head outside! 

We have our own private terrace with two sun beds that is the perfect spot for the times of the day when it gets super super hot here in Tulum. You can find me here with my laptop - wifi is available at Amor Zen - with my beautiful love, with my book, and a nice cold bottle of Dos Equis! Happy as can be. I am blessed!

How cute are these sea shells? Everything here is intentional but delicately placed so that everything is so warm and inviting. For sure everything amazing about this home is a reflection of Maria and her wonderful mother who run Amor Zen. Maria's mother is Sunshine - a beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit. She stays on the property, is kind and friendly and really a joy to be around. Magdalena, the lovely woman who helps keep everything in place daily is an absolute sweetheart. They are making our stay even more sweeter. I am grateful for them!

Here we go! I love this entry way to the beach. How beautiful is that ocean?


You see? There are four other areas to lounge as well. I love the swing bed. I sunbathe there for a few minutes each day. Everything here was created for us to enjoy. And enjoying I AM!

I love it here and would highly recommend a stay here next time you come to Tulum! I am sure it will be one of the most amazing travel experiences you can have in Tulum. Now its time to take shots by the beach - our private little oasis!

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2016-08-02 10.36.31 1_resized.jpg
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Love to You All ! 💜


Tulum Playa, Quintana Roo, Mexico