So I ran into Ryan Gosling Today and he was like "Nice Hat." And I was like "Thanks. Yours too." And he was like "So I am heading to Oprah's wanna come?" And I was like ... Okay none of this happened. But it so could. I mean it is LA. 

2016-08-26 01.18.29 1_resized.jpg

So here's Ryan! 😛 Happy this super cool mural was a few steps away from JUICE | Served Here because I love beautiful things. Stepping into JUICE is a trip into cool. Cool and crisp. Cool and crisp and fresh. Cool and crisp and fresh and my new address. 

2016-08-26 01.17.26 1.jpg

How gorgeous are these doors? So minimal and clean and bold and massive. I love it. Everything here works. The vibe. The boy with the 100 tattoos behind the juice bar. The mix of vegan bites and fresh juices.  The wooden floors. The one cafeteria table. The potted plants. For sure a round of applause for all the wonderful minds and hands behind JUICE.

Here's the juice menu. 

I wanted fresh and sweet and healthy. So I went with the recommended J3. Green goodness and a bit of fruit. It was strong. Tart and yummy. Definitely a great jolt of energy first thing in the morning or after a workout. Being in LA it feels right to do good to my body. 

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Okay can we take 2 seconds and talk about my look now? HA HA. No idea why I was trying to lick the wall here? Happy much?! I am obsessed with this hat I borrowed from my boyfriend - borrowed with no scheduled return date 😋 . I don't know how I got through summer without it. But am happy that she will be with me for many many more summers to come.

I love a good white sneaker. Not the funnest to keep clean. But for me, it makes everything work. I feel it makes dressed down dressy. And because I am still the only one walking in all of LA 😋 comfort is necessary.

This dress is fun too. I like the print. I borrowed it from my older big sis - borrowed with no scheduled return date 😋  - and I always have a good time in it. Its fun, its bright, its easy. It has a very relaxed vibe. The built in belt adds shape to the look which is always flattering. Thats a good way to wear print, always look to add shape to it. 

OK now back to the goodness of JUICE 😘  I really enjoy eating in places that create an experience as soon as you step in the doors. Everything in JUICE has a place. It's open and clear. 

2016-08-26 01.15.33 1_resized.jpg

Also grabbed some dehydrated baby Pineapples, oranges, and strawberries. It was so good. My favorite was the pineapple. I would recommend you grab some when you head over. It's a sweet treat.

Hope you are all having a HAPPY FRIDAY My Friends 💚


VENICE, CA 90291