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My first full day back in LA and I am ready to take on this city by foot. Since this New Yorker is "a virgin who can't drive" - any Clueless fans out there??? Didn't you wanna give Cher a super big hug when Tai told her that 💜 - I am setting out on foot. And I am like the only one! Ha ha. But since I didn't bring any workout clothes because I was packing at 6 am for a 9 am flight .. walking will be my only cardio this trip 😂

When in Rome .... #OOTD

I threw on a pair of boyfriend jeans that screams LA or just "Baby you need a belt", a feminine lace midriff top  and my silver shiny flats. I like easy. I like even more LA easy.

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What I love so much about fashion is that a little thought can go a long way. When I plan an outfit for the day , I think of a word and work around it. Today's Word: Easy. A fitted body con dress wouldn't have fit the bill. You know what? I am gonna film a YouTube video about how I work with a word and translate that into a mood and translate rhat into a look. I think that will be super fun. I will post a link to that here once that's up this week. 

This is actually the main door to the lovely home I am staying in for this week. It's super cool. Can't wait to share with you all this week.

So my two feet and Google Map lead me to run into Live Style Design Studio. This super amazing super beautifully curated store filled with one-off pieces from far away places. A great place to find something special for a room in your home or a gift for a friend. This place is a trip. No passport necessary. Even better. 

And in a sweet section tucked away in the store there is a vegan juice bar and selection of salads, vegan burger, vegan cheese, cacao poweder, almond milk concoctions, green juices etc.

I definitely was having a Where in the World is Carmen Santiago moment. Here I am tucking into a cashew kale spinach couscous super food salad sitting on pieces from Morocco. Glorious!

You can have the salad in the jar to go. But I opted to leisurely enjoy my lunch.

The salad came highly recommended from Bridgid Lorelei -  the beautiful girl at the Juice Bar who's a Visual Merchandiser grad into interior design - whose open spirit fits in perfectly at Live Style. She was kind to talk me through everything they offered which I appreciated. 

She also recommended this almond milk cacao and mint drink that was really yum.

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You know I love attention to detail! I walked around this store for ages before I was able to contain myself and have a seat to enjoy my salad.

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How beautiful is everything? This place is full! I love it. Happy to learn that they are also opening one in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. How perfect!

This is a great spot for a casual get together at lunch. A lovely morning spot to get through some emails as it's not loud. Even to enjoy a nice moment to unwind after work. I even overheard that at the moment they had new coffee in from Bali. How cool is that? YUM!

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Hope you find your way to Live Style and if you do please let me know how that Bali coffee was? 😘