MORE H20 ?! EASY AS ABC ... 123 ...

Wow! Wow! Wow! NYC is in the midst of a heatwave. For the last week I have been melting in temperatures over 90 degrees. I am sticking to everything which is pretty funny. Makeup isn't an option neither is jogging outdoors during the midday. What I am also realizing is not an option is NOT drinking water. Forget about 8 glasses, I am looking to drink a gallon! It is impossible now to forget that I need to drink another bottle. But what happen's when this heatwave is over? What are ways I can make drinking enough water throughout the day easier and more convenient? Here are some tips I will be holding onto year round. Won't you join me? 😘


This is my absolute favorite and I have been doing this tip for over a year. I keep a gallon of water by my bed. I aim to drink a 1/2 a gallon a water a day. It is so massive that its impossible not to miss. I don't have to rely on remembering to head to the fridge and popping in a bottle in my bag on my way out the door. I gulp in the morning and later when I am in bed watching a movie on Netflix. When something is there it is so much easier to use it. I would recommend keeping a gallon by your bed or your desk at work and whenever you eyeball it make sure to get in a sip.


Did you know that grapefruit is 90% water? So that means if you add a grapefruit to your breakfast or snack on it during the day you are increasing your water intake. Don't like grapefruit? How about watermelon? Or cucumber ? You can add cucumber slices into your salad or your sandwich at lunch. This is a yummier way of making sure you stay hydrated throughout the day.  Super cool no?


OMG am I the only one whose fridge or home is littered with half finished water bottles?! I don't  know I never have a problem remembering to finish a bottle of juice or a good glass of wine but when it comes to water ... "Idontknowwhathappens" 😋. I like this idea: grab a pen or a Sharpie and put marks on your bottle as a reminder to drink this much by 10 am then 12 pm then by 3 pm etc so at least you know by the end of the work day you have worked through a 1 liter bottle. Having a visible goal is a great way to keep yourself motivated. 

Big Kiss My Friends ! ❤️