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Ciao My Friends !

Here I am on the sun bed on the terrace with my Danielle Steele novel. Still can't put it down. It is nice to be drawn into another world for a few hours even though there is no other place I would rather be right now than right here in Tulum ! Still can't get over the view. It really is magical.

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Went for another "swim" and much deeper into the ocean than last time! 😋 I am actually an okay swimmer but you know how I feel about the ocean. Today was all about "Don't Be Stiff!".

Ok so here's my thought process. I see the wave. And its majestic. It's beautiful. I am excited. Its strong. I can handle this. It's vibrant. But ... then it looks JUST like that wave that almost capsized that boat or that one that dragged me under or that other crazy water story I have etc etc etc and then I GET STIFF 😎 I hold my breath 10 minutes before the wave even makes its way to me. I jump 5 minutes before the wave even makes its way to me. I close my eyes two minutes before the wave even makes its way to me. And then as the wave merrily passes me by there I am pushed aside, happy, out of breath, happy, soaked, happy .. and exhausted!

There must be an easier way! I am told that I have to let the wave carry me. I can't fight it. Hmm seems like a life lesson entangled in here. But for now thats enough of a "swim" for this morning. Will let you know how I get on. 

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In the mood for something light and refreshing today. These green juices are the perfect fix. I always forget ingredients! But pretty sure this one had aloe vera and the Mexican version of spinach that's super yummy. It was just so light and so right.

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An order of mixed ceviche, guacamole and Dos Equis felt just right too. Happy with lunch today! I am making room for Pasta Pasta Pasta at either Posada Margherita or Hemingway Restaurant. HMMMM.... my belly is doing cartwheels just thinking about it!

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Definitely had lunch with a view today!  How gorgeous is this seashell shower attached to the tree? Perfect for a rinse after a dip in the ocean. Perfect for a quick refresher in this heat. Perfect for a pose. 😋

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I couldn't resist! Why not? 

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I really like this bikini. The color's fun. The detailing on the bikini bottom gives an allusion of a peachy bum. Will have a youtube video up about this bikini on my youtube channel today or (direct link) if you have time to check it out! I am enjoying sharing with you all on youtube how to choose the right bikini to enhance your assets. This is a great bikini to get that Victoria's Secret Beach Body. Like they say "Work with what your mamma gave ya!" Hope to see you there ❤️