HAPPY HAIR #hairbybobby

You know when you meet someone and you love them crazy right away. Because they are Good Energy! Fun! Talented! Love! Hilarious! Warm! Friendly! Outgoing! Crazy! Absolutely Crazy! ha ha ha. This is my Bobby ... and more. A girl can only dream of finding a super talented hairstylist who gets you and is able to work MAGIC. I discovered Bobby this summer. His attention to detail, his craftsmanship, his professionalism , his gift is out of this world. His team is so welcoming and his salon is like a fun house! 

Whats the use of being blessed with goodness if you can't share it ? So I introduce to you to Bobby. Just promise me you will share :

Hair by Bobby does My Hair Salon:



INSTAGRAM: @bobbydoesmyhair @hairbybobby

Having great hair is possible with the right maintenance. And here are 5 styling tips and remedies that I am loving for shiny, healthy hair.  ENJOY to the MAX! 



COCONUT OIL: You know from my previous post I love my coconuts. This organic coconut oil is a good tub to keep in your bathroom to moisturize your hair in the morning and at night.

HEAT PROTECTING SPRAY: I love a good set of wavy beach hair but it is really important to keep your hair healthy and happy while adding heat to it. This is a good heat protecting spray from Tresemme.

SPRAY MIST: I love the smell of this misting spray that adds a nice balance of sheen to your hair as well. It smells so yummy!

HAIR SMOOTH SERUM: My older sister actually got me on this one. It smells so good and is great at moisturizing my curly haired or natural textured haired friends. You can’t get enough moisture; I would use this twice a week.

ALOE VERA HAIR MASK: Aloe vera is great to add to drinks, face masks and hair masks. Be careful getting to the juice of the aloe vera. Massage into your hair from root to tip, let sit for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse.