Happy Saturday My Friends!

How divine is this ? This is the view from the cabana we are staying and I am so in love with it. Being a city girl its a dream to wake up to the sounds of the ocean, to roll out of bed, down these beautiful wooden stairs, straight to the beach and right into the water. 

Every day the waves are so different so I never know what to expect! I have a thing with the Ocean. I love her I love her I love her ... But ... here is where I insert story A of having our small boat traveling in the white shark infested waters of Cape Town, South Africa encountering an unexpected massive storm and almost capsizing or story B of me forgetting that "No I am not 18 Gold Medalist Swim Champion Michael Phelps and I shouldn't have floated so far and yes that's why I am drowning in the middle of the ocean off the coast of Tel Aviv etc story C etc story D etc. So for this trip, I intend to master wave jumping. Will let you know how I get on. Today's lesson "Shut your mouth" while in the ocean, which if you know me isn't the easiest thing. But I think salt water is good for ya ... well I hope so .. 😋

2016-07-29 10.40.49 1_resized.jpg

Breakfast today is coffee made by Magdalena, the lovely lovely lovely lady here at Casa Amor Zen. And the mango is from the local fruit guy in the white van who comes down the main road in Tulum daily around 1 pm. The mango is so so so yummy and he also makes a super fresh mango juice from his mangos. Its so nice to eat organically and taste fruit juice the way it is intended to be enjoyed. I like this combo. I think this might be my new go to breakfast!

I found this Danielle Steel book "Legacy" on the bookshelf in the cabana. What a lovely touch no? I am so happy to be spending my time here at Casa Amor Zen. Its just so charming. I hardly ever read fiction but so glad I picked this up. Its a thick one but juicy. I have heard of Danielle Steel for many years now as I know she is one of the best selling romance novelists in the USA.  So for right now it's me and Brigitte and Wachiwi and Dos Equis for the next few hours....

There is noting better than taking a walk by the beach and so that's what's next. Found this amazing area by Posada Margherita and it was impossible to not stop and take some snaps! I mean instagram dream or no?

This place is magical! You know from my last post how much I love it here. Remember those doors that I mentioned Posada re-worked and turned into stunning walls and windows. Can you spot them here? Super cool!

I haven't worked out once since I have been here! But that's the point of holiday right??? So major sucking in of my tummy till I am back in Flybarre in NYC 😛

That's my day so far. Its a good one.

I hope wherever you are reading this you are happy and having lots of fun! Ciao!