Hola Everyone!

Happy to be back in Tulum.

Its MAGICAL. The energy. The baby blue skies. The warm aqua green waters. Living in this rustic cabana. I am one happy girl. I love being on holiday; matter of fact so much I am looking to holiday now twice a year. 6 months at a time. Anyone with me? Let's do it. 🎉

There are a few things that I look forward to on vacation. And a happy tummy is way up there on that list.

Quality Ingredients. Good vibes. Delicious food. Nice selection of wines. Beautiful ocean views. Attention to Detail. 


The Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila Km. 4.5, Tulum, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

+52 1 984 801 8493


Posada Margherita's immaculate attention to detail beginning with the lavishly full secret garden entrance to the recycled rustic doors now transitioned into stunning walls and windows to the delicate hand carved wooden dining tables to the comfy sofas perfect for a drink while enjoying the evening breeze Posada Margherita is full of character. 


It's fun. You step into Posada and you want to stay. And once you leave you want to come back again and again again.

I have so many things to do in Tulum! So So So many important things. Eat. Nap. "Swim". Tequila. Eat. Sleep. Drink. Read. Dos Equis. Sunbathe. "Swim". Eat.  And Repeat. So a good breakfast is absolutely necessary! I need the fuel 😋 Breakfast at Posada is so so so so so so good. The menu is precise and will have something for you to enjoy.

Freshly squeezed orange juice. Si, por favor! Green juice goodness with stuff I forget but make me happy. Si, por favor! Yummy fresh mixed fruit salad. Si, por favor!

I am ALL IN this jar of Nutella and home made fruit spread. I mean all in. You know when you haven't had something in like a really really really long time, like 24 hours, and it tastes even better just because of that. This is me right now. 110%.


This yogurt granola fresh fruit honey packed bowl comes highly recommended! I learned that even the bottle that houses the honey and the syrup are popular back in Italy. Don't you just love those  delicate little details? I do!

If you are craving a lavish breakfast go for the french toast with fresh fruit or the pancakes with fresh fruit. Win Win!

I told ya! Posada is so so so good you have to come back again and again ... so here I am ... the nutella made me do it! 😎 #teamnocountingcaloriesonholiday

Okay breakfast is done. Time for the Beach. And after Siesta I am back for dinner.

Focaccia ! Focaccia! Focaccia! Fresh tomato focaccia. Garlic focaccia. Basil focaccia. Rosemary focaccia. 

Burrata and Tomato drizzled with salt , black, pepper and oil olive. These were my favorite appetizers and serving size at Posada is generous. Its definitely a haven for foodies and also good for sharing for two.

PASTA! PASTA! PASTA! More more more. This is some of the best tagliatelle I have ever had. Once again I am all in. 110% The dinner menu, like the breakfast menu, is fairly concise and straightforward. Fresh pasta with seafood. Simple starters. But nothing about each meal's taste is simple. It is divine. You can taste the freshness of the imported Italian ingredients, the care and focus put behind every bite. This tagliatelle was tossed with lobster and shrimp. The tagliatelle with zucchini and shrimp is also very good.

I love gelato. I love pistachio gelato even more. This one is super yummy. I devoured it in about 2 bites.


I mean of course.... we're in Mexico!

I cannot speak enough of how AMAZING the dining experience and the food is at Posada Margherita. There is a reason it draws in a good crowd every night. If you are in Tulum, I highly recommend you pay it a visit. Who knows you might just find me there!