This book is yummy! I have not read a fiction book in AGES. My rare moments of down time are spent hysterically laughing at Selena Myers' trying to maintain the Presidency on the latest episode of VEEP. So how unexpectedly refreshing that Kevin Kwan's Crazy Rich Asians fell into my lap just a few days. I cannot put it down! Its a funny modern day look into life of the super wealthy in Asia. But it is so much more than a tale of fancy cars, palatial mansions, and the jet set life we have all seen on MTV Cribs. Its an interesting weave of characters who seem worlds away. But Kwan is brilliantly showing we are all characters in this human experience. We are all met with situations we created, situations that were created for us and the power to take all these pieces and create a life. A life hopefully you can say is the one you wanted, a life that thrilled you and fulfilled you. I am not even halfway through but I happy that Kwan found me.  Or that I found Kwan. Either way, I am discovering that this thing we call life is simply made of moments. Moments that are given to us to paint and fill in as we wish. I am looking forward to seeing where this book leads me. But for now here I am happy to ask you to join me. Why not?


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