I love a good pair of jeans. Why? Because I live in them and what is more satisfying than finding the right pair that just fits! I love distressed jeans but was a bit wary when I saw this fray hem denim trend floating around. I thought "So not me" a bit too Bohemian for my style and rather difficult to style a look around. But I realized that I have loads of jeans I never wear because A) I am tired of them or B) They don't fit the same 👀  ... I blame it on the dryer or C) They start to wear and look a bit worn out. So instead of them collecting dust for another season I decided it is either best to donate or reinvent them. So I took a pair of my worn in Levi's and customized them! Aren't they cool? Here is a link to my DIY post , step by step, how to re-create this fray hem jeans yourself - . It's my first ever DIY and even though it takes a bit of time to get through the result is certainly rewarding and its super cool to wear something no one else will be rocking. I haven't worn these pair of Levi's in years but now that they are revamped they have definitely made it back into my jean rotation. 

To keep the look simple I paired it with a leather jacket with a fur lining thrown over, a basic white men's t-shirt and a pair of custom flats from Chatelles Slippers in Paris. I wanted the focus to be my "new" pair of Levi's so I kept the look clean and just added a statement pair of flats to draw attention to the hem. 

I would love this frayed look in a super fun light or dark blue wash. I think it would be more wearable and easy to style with during the day. Throw on a turtleneck and a statement coat and you are good to go. This look is all about the girl who likes easy who likes cool but also has an eye for detail. Suddenly your white tee and jeans is now more than just a white tee and jeans. A black wash fray hemmed jean would work great for evenings and would suit a nice pair of heels. You could even rock a pair of white fray jeans in the Fall paired with velvet booties or a great ankle Chelsea boot for a super cool look. I like this look. It's fun. It's easy. With a dash of the unexpected! If you don't want to dance around to Bieber while you work away , like I did, and make your own pair here are options for some super fray jeans available now.

Enjoy my Babes!