I just remembered I have a Blog Bookclub.  I know I know ... "Some days I amaze myself. Other days I'm looking for phone while I'm talking on it." Uh-huh so me! Here are a list of books I am reading or read within the last month. What are you reading? 


Happy Tuesday Babes!

I love this look I wore today. It's a Zara piece I picked up while I was in Milan in March. It's a happy dress! It's fun! It's easy! Of course, I decided to make it my own and actually wore the dress backwards because I wanted to have a little fun with the front. I have linked some other similar dresses available now that I also have my eyes on.

 Enjoy ! 


Love this look I wore today. It's a great no makeup makeup look perfect for Spring. Here is a step by step lookbook tutorial with all the products used. But I show you how I used each product so you can re-create the look at home with the makeup you have. Included are few of my favorite tips including how to create cheekbones if you have a fuller face like mine and how to apply concealer to create a slimmer face.  Enjoy!


Hey My Babes !

What is more classic than a white tee and blue jeans for a day out in the city. I love the look. But I have to admit that it can get boring sometimes and it's not the easiest look to take from day to night. This is exactly why I am so in love with these bejewelled ZARA blue jeans that I picked up in Milan! The boyfriend cut, the relaxed distressed fit with the sprinkling of gems around the pockets and knees makes this look classic with a bit of twist. Pop on a pair of heels and I would totally rock this to a dinner date or a girls night. I paired the look with a spattering of different size rings from H&M also in Milan. I wanted to add some texture to the look from the waist up. I intentionally didn't want to add a necklace because I wanted to work around the "classic-ness" of this look. I paired the look down with a comfortable pair of black leather slippers from ZARA in Milan. On my wrist, I am wearing my favorite bracelet from a shop in Tulum. I hope this look inspires you to look for pieces that take a basic look up the next level.

Hope you are all Enjoying!


Where to Brunch | Bocaditos Bistro | New York, New York

Happy Saturday My Babes!

Big kiss from me and my sweatpants ;)) Ha ha ha. Today was filming day for my Youtube channel. Super happy making some really fun makeup tutorials that I can't wait to share with you all. But as soon as I was done I couldn't wait to throw these on and grab a nice glass of White Zinfandel. 😍

Last week, I had brunch at a super great restaurant called Bocaditos Bistro. 

January's Book: Year of Yes. Shonda Rhimes.

Everything sounds like crap until you are in the right mind-set. Ms. Rhimes. 

In a small bookstore in Geneva International Airport in search of a companion for the flight back home I came across this. Year of Yes. It was about 2 weeks into 2017 and I had an itch for consistency. Consistency in thought. I remember when I was moaning and groaning to a friend in London several years ago about how my life wasn't where I wanted it to be and blaming everyone and everything under the sun, he turned toward me shrugged and said "I think it's the way you think". That's it. No tissue. No shoulder to lean on. Not even an offer for a nice bottle of wine. Just these words. 

Gone With the Wind Fabolous | Winter Style OOTD

In the spirit of Beyonce at last year's Superbowl and Kenya Moore from Real Housewives of Atlanta ( Yesss I am a fan beyond words .. I think I only own a t.v. so I can watch Housewives of Atlanta ) I am Gone with the Wind Fabolous twirling in this happy number from Forever 21 today. It's actually a dress but when I have been known to just wear something off the rack?
Being 5'11 often means It's a bit of work to find jeans or maxi dresses that can touch the ground or basically long enough to cover my shoes. So what do I do when I find something that I love but doesn't fit 100%? I make it work

2017 : Hey You.

Happy 2017 My Babes !

I am here. Super blessed and super happy to be in a New Year with You All.

But no.

No resolutions.

No, I promises.

No, I swears.

No, watch me while I ...

A certain direction, yes. That I have. 

But what I know for sure is that nothing will happen in 2017 or 2018 or 2027 unless I just ...


Hey Hey Hey its Friday!

The weather here in the City is a bit of sunshine and a bit of a breeze. I am grateful to have a warmer than usual Fall but finding the right coat to wear is proving to be a bit of a challenge. I love wearing my little baby from Zara, my black leather jacket, but without a chunky scarf or a knitwear underneath I will be reaching for some NYQUIL. So how to say No to the Flu and still wear your lighter pieces for Fall? Throw a lil' something over whatcha you got. I love making things work. So Today , over my black leather jacket, I threw a faux-fur lining to keep my chest nice and warm. Not only is it practical , it looks cool. I went for all black today and wanted the lining to be the center focus of the look. I like that its detachable so if I wander into the sunshine and I'm warm, I can slip it off easily. 

I am loving HENRI BENDEL FRINGE SCARF as another lil' something to throw over whatcha got.. I love the mix of texture. I would tuck this scarf under a super cool menswear bulky leather jacket or a midi-length coat. The mix of silk and cashmere is a great way to add some warmth to your look and the peek of the leather fringe adds a rock'n'roll vibe. I love it! Practical + Cool.

Why not layer CLUB MONACO'S DAYLINA PLAID SHAWL over everything ? I love this! It would be super cool over any jacket or a super chunky sweater or a super feminine Fall dress. The Print is fun. Sometimes its hard to commit to a printed outerwear because you wonder how you can make it work with different looks. But playing with a print shawl is good alternative because it will become more of a statement piece so you can get away with it not having matching a look. 

My Babes I hope you've found some cool ways to keep warmer and if you are loving any new trends leave a comment down for me below.

Have a funnnn Friday!



Yesss I wanted Easy. Fresh. Unbothered. Free. But today I wanted it with a side order of shape and personality.  I love the zippers placed delicately on my shoulders. I love the slight v cut. I love the fabric - it's light yet holds its shape at times and at other times moves with the slightest breeze. I felt great today. 


So today I decided to play with a pair of Levi's! Here is my first ever DIY post, my first ever DIY anything honestly 😋 -  and I am so excited to share it with you my dear friends. So let's get comfy, grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine and let's have fun together.